A Guide on Wearing Sleeveless Ladies Tops to the Office

Maybe the unusually hot weather is compelling you to wear a sleeveless blouse to work. Or maybe you are just getting tired and bored of your usual long-sleeved collared shirt. But wearing sleeveless ladies tops can be tricky especially in a corporate setting, check in Frenchconnection.com. Unless your employer doesn’t impose a strict dress code, then there’s no reason to avoid wearing a sleeveless blouse. Here are a few guidelines that you can follow to avoid potentially awkward and embarrassing situations.


Tip #1: Read your company policy handbook


Before you even show up for work in a sleeveless blouse, go over your company’s handbook and look for the section on dress code. It is not uncommon for some workplaces to have clothing restrictions and require their female employees to wear hosiery, below-the-knee skirts, and closed shoes with heels. Hence, find out whether wearing sleeveless tops is allowed.


Tip #2: Bring an extra jacket, cardigan, or blazer


If there isn’t any provision in your company dress code for sleeveless tops, then play it safe and bring a cardigan or blazer. At least when your supervisor calls out your attention or when you have an impromptu meeting, you can quickly “dress up” your look.


Tip #3: Dress modestly


Sleeveless ladies tops shouldn’t serve as a distraction in the office. You want to be taken seriously so you should consider wearing a blouse that it modest. Your blouse of choice should have a high neckline and long hemline. Do NOT ever let your cleavage and midriff show and give your co-workers reason to talk about you behind your back.


Tip #4: Pick tops with detailing


Refrain from wearing tank tops and open backs. Instead, pick sleeveless blouses with detailing that would add more dimension to your top. Moreover, detailing like a tie-neck sash, collar, and ruffles around the neckline will make you look more semi-formal. You may also add accessories like a scarf or a belt.


Tip #5: Depending on company policy, do not expose your body art


This tip applies to women who have tattoos and/or body piercing. When your company’s rule book explicitly states that the exposure of body art is not allowed in order to maintain a more professional look, refrain from wearing a sleeveless top that would show your tattoos on your arm and back as well as your belly ring.


Tip #6: Be hygienic


Sleeveless ladies tops will definitely require you to smell good and look clean. No matter what kind of movement you make, they will definitely expose all of your underarms’ secrets to everyone in the office. Therefore, make sure that you put on an anti-perspirant and deodorant when needed. Also, it would be wise to shave your underarms. While there may be no explicit rules about shaving, unshaven underarms in women are generally seen as a faux pas.


By following all the tips mentioned above, you should have no problem wearing a skirt in the office and looking good in it.

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